Cruise Lines

SGRM staff have extensive cruise line experience at Director and Management levels


Your crew are your number one asset; we recognize this and have developed COBALT to provide a customized and flexible health plan for all your employees regardless of their nationality or rank.

With our deep experience in the cruise industry, SGRM has developed COBALT especially for cruise ship crew, officers and staff.

Covering any size vessel complement or fleet, by using COBALT you have a 24/7 medical network that already manages more than 1.5 million people worldwide, in 66 countries and 49,000 medical centres.

In the USA, COBALT gives crew and staff access to the AETNA network with 4,700 hospitals and 724,000 health professionals. All COBALT plans offer dependent coverage as well.

Our number one goal is a fast claims service and turnaround, along with attentive carrier support, something we recognize as being at the top of any crewmember’s needs.

For the cruise line employer, COBALT’s strength is to provide full MLC compliant plans and other regulatory touchpoints such as flag requirements, French Pension law to name but a few.

We have the cruise line experience with our team having worked closely with cruise line HR departments and executives.  We understand the business!